We always think about environment. Which can be seen in its every steps of production procedure. supplies high quality products and accurate information that fulfill customer needs. The ultimate goal of this effort is to create solid value that helps enrich society.

Against the backdrop of growing global environmental consciousness, the Company recognizes the essential role that a responsible environmental stance plays in building a more solid management foundation and realizing the Company vision.

The Company has established the following policies in accordance with its basic environmental principle.

Consideration for the global environment
The Company gives utmost consideration to environmental preservation in all its business operations, products and services.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
The Company strictly observes environmental laws and regulations, and also pursues environmental improvements as it deems necessary.

Continuous improvement of the environmental management system
Based on its environmental policies, the Company establishes, implements and reviews environmental objectives and targets; works to prevent pollution; and seeks continuous improvement of its environmental management.

In order to achieve these goals, We provides education and conducts environmental awareness-raising activities for all employees and promotes environmentally friendly business operations. These environmental policies are disseminated to all employees and also announced to the public.